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100% positivity: National Student Survey reveals praise for University of Sunderland

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Published on 10 August 2023

NSS success
NSS success

A diverse range of programmes running at the University of Sunderland have received 100% positivity scores from delighted students.

Results from this year’s National Student Survey (NSS) today show the University is scoring top marks when it comes to an array of categories, including teaching and support for students.

The NSS is the biggest survey of final-year students’ views in the UK. The main questionnaire provides widely published data that informs university league tables.

This year’s survey revealed 100% ranking for teaching in courses including Events and Entertainment Management at the London campus, and Artist Designer Maker: Glass and Ceramics. While Occupational Therapy narrowly missed the 100% mark, it scored 98.44% when it came to teaching.

In the Assessment and Feedback category, 100% results were recorded for Community and Youth Work Studies, as well as Events and Entertainment Management. Performing Arts just missed the top mark, scoring 98%.

When it came to Academic Support, full marks went to Community and Youth Work Studies, according to the survey, while in the Learning Resources category, Illustration and Design was up there with the best, scoring 96.97%.

The University also scored highly in a number of areas, from successfully preparing students for their future to caring for them during their time at Sunderland.

Sunderland stood out in several categories when compared to the average for the UK sector, with highlights including the University being 8.91% above the national average (60.86%) when it came to acting on student feedback regarding courses.

In addition, 78.42% of students said they felt feedback from academics also helped improve their work compared to a sector average of 72.22%

In fact, 85.29% of students felt the programmes at the University equipped them with the knowledge and skills they would need for the future, compared to a national average of 81.66%.

Students also praised the University for successfully communicating the different mental health support services on offer (80.03%) compared to an average of 75.42%.

University leaders today praised the results. Sir David Bell, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of the University said: “For the University of Sunderland, the National Student Survey is an important indicator as it gives us a direct insight into the views and experience of students.

“While surveys cannot give us all the information we need, they are important in offering feedback from students which will help us to identify what we do well and highlight areas where we could make improvements.”

Sunderland Students’ Union was also highlighted for representing the academic interests of the university community, coming in at 3.05% above the national average of 71.89% Prince Ikechi, President: Activities at Sunderland Students’ Union, said: “We are very pleased with the results we have achieved and the progress we have made as an organisation over the past year. We look forward to continuing our work in upholding and improving the

student experience, alongside and in close collaboration with the institution and a number of its specific departments.

“It is vital that students are supported in this way to identify and act upon the issues that matter to them.

“The university experience should be exciting, transformative and life-changing. At the SU, we are passionate about empowering students to make their time at the University of Sunderland positive and successful, and to ensure that their feedback is heard, valued and addressed."