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Ghana to Sunderland – how Anthony brought his award winning talents to Wearside

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Published on 14 July 2020

 Anthony Amoaka-Attah
Anthony Amoaka-Attah

Artist Anthony Amoako-Attah has brought his award winning skills to the University of Sunderland all the way from Ghana.

The 30-year-old handpicked to study at the University due to its glass-based programmes and facilities.

Now Anthony is celebrating winning the Aspiring Glass Artists prize at the Glass Prize Awards 2020 for his work "Transition of Life".

Anthony said: “My work seeks to investigate my own culture - Ghanaian culture - through the use glass and how that can be made to look like woven fabric.”

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Ghana, Anthony saw the unique facilities offered by the University of Sunderland, who base their Glass and Ceramics programmes at the National Glass centre.

Following the completion of his PhD, the Anthony is hoping to teach glass art, serving as a bridge between Ghana and the contemporary world of glass art. He hopes to work on commissions for galleries, museums and corporate institutions to exhibit his works, whilst developing his portfolio for interior design and jewellery.

The artist believes his decision to study will ultimately help open a lot of doors for him in his chosen career.

Anthony added: "There is nowhere else in the world like the Glass Centre in Sunderland so being an artist based there has been very exciting and interesting for me.

“I hope that once my studies are complete I will be able to stay in the North East and start my career here.

“This award brought amazing light to my life as an artist. It means never to lose hope or deviate from your true purpose. I was born as an artist and I will die as artist.”

The Glass Prize is run by Warm Glass UK each year to inspire creativity in kilnformed glass and to encourage glass artists throughout the world to share their work and express their passion.