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Research Ethics Committee contact details

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This page gives detailed contact information to help you with applications to our group. 

General contact information:

Please direct all general correspondence to:

Research Support Office
Design Centre, Room 214
City Campus
Chester Road
Sunderland, SR1 3SD

Email: ethics.review@sunderland.ac.uk

Chair of Research Ethics Group:
Doctor John Fulton, ext 2529 / Email: john.fulton@sunderland.ac.uk

Officer of Research Ethics Group: 
Veronique Laniel, ext 3202 / Email: veronique.laniel@sunderland.ac.uk

Faculty / School contacts



Name / Extension Email

Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries

School of Art and Design  Prof. Mike Collier 2142 mike.collier@sunderland.ac.uk 
School of Media and Communications  Dr Caroline Mitchell 3227 caroline.mitchell@sunderland.ac.uk 

Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism 

School of Business & Management Dr Seema Bhate 3138 seema.bhate@sunderland.ac.uk
School of Business & Management Dr Paul-Alan Armstrong 3132 paul-alan.armstrong@sunderland.ac.uk
School of Business & Management Dr Derek Watson 2144 derek.watson@sunderland.ac.uk
School of Business & Management Dr Linda Barkas 2432 linda.anne.barkas@sunderland.ac.uk
School of Business & Management Dr Augustus E. Osseo-Asare 2347 augustus.osseo-asare@sunderland.ac.uk

Faculty of Technology

School of Engineering

Dr Panagiotis Karagiannidis


Faculty of Education and Society

School of Education  Prof Stephanie Atkinson 2392 stephanie.atkinson@sunderland.ac.uk
School of Education  Dr Kate Duffy 2049  
School of Social Sciences  Prof. Stephen Macdonald 3380 stephen.j.macdonald@sunderland.ac.uk
School of Social Sciences  Dr Matthew Durey 3326 matthew.durey-1@sunderland.ac.uk 
School of Social Sciences  Mr Andrew Dalton 3204 andrew.dalton@sunderland.ac.uk 
School of Social Sciences  Dr Helen Williams 3064 helen.williams@sunderland.ac.uk 
TESOL Ms Joelle Godard joelle.godard@sunderland.ac.uk
TESOL Dr Neil Johnson neil.johnson@sunderland.ac.uk


Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing 

School of Nursing and Health Sciences 

Mrs Simone Bedford 3360 simone.bedford@sunderland.ac.uk 

School of Nursing and Health Sciences 

Dr Paul Davis 3265 paul.davis@sunderland.ac.uk

School of Nursing and Health Sciences 

Mr Chris Cox c.cox@sunderland.ac.uk 

School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 

Ms Gemma Donovan 2396 gemma.donovan@sunderland.ac.uk

School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 

Dr Andrew Sturrock 2448 andrew.sturrock@sunderland.ac.uk 

School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr Gabriel Boachie-Ansah  gabriel.boachie-ansah@sunderland.ac.uk 

School of Psychology 

Dr Etta Evans 2624 etta.evans@sunderland.ac.uk

School of Psychology 

Dr Sophie Hodgetts 2823 sophie.hodgetts@sunderland.ac.uk 
School of Psychology  Dr Vanessa Parson 2616 vanessa.parson@sunderland.ac.uk 
School of Psychology  Dr Amy Pearson 2279 amy.pearson@sunderland.ac.uk 
School of Psychology  Dr Rebecca Owens 3812 rebecca.owens@sunderland.ac.uk 
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