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Associate Professorial Lecture Series 2019/20

Associate Professorial Lectures are an opportunity for Associate Professors to showcase their current research and/or learning and teaching priorities at the Institution.



‘From Disorder to Diverse’

Dr Derek Watson, Associate Professor in Cultural Management - Business and Tourism, Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism

Tuesday 26 November 2019

In this lecture Dr Watson discussed the food safety cultural conundrum. An insightful account into the global impacts of the 'Enlighten Food Safety Culture Model'.

The Associate Professorial Lectures listed below were postponed as a result of Covid-19

‘The relationship between undergraduate healthcare student Conscientiousness Index scores and later academic/clinical performance’ - 18 March 2020
Dr Marina Sawdon, Associate Professor of Medical Education - School of Medicine

‘The Trouble with Competence’23 March 2020
Dr John Unsworth, Associate Professor/Head of Learning and Teaching Enhancement - Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing

'Stories of Supervision'29 April 2020
Trish Spedding, Associate Professor Learning and Teaching - Faculty of Education and Society

‘Rethinking Healthy Places: Combining Environment and Person-centred Approaches to Support Health and Wellbeing’6 May 2020
Dr Stephanie Wilkie, Associate Professor in Environmental Psychology - Faculty of Health Sciences and Wellbeing

‘Participation and Radio’ - new approaches to participation, action and research13 May 2020
Dr Caroline Mitchell, Associate Professor Participation and Radio - Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries

'The analysis of data'20 May 2020
Dr Ken McGarry, Associate Professor in Computer Science - Faculty of Technology

“A man should be permitted to go out of this world whenever he thinks fit.” Suicide and Euthanasia in the USA in the 1890s10 June 2020
Dr Kevin Yuill, Associate Professor of American History - Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries