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Case Study

Caitlin Ward

Durham, UK

BA (Hons) Media Production

Caitlin Ward knew she wanted to stay near home while studying and chose Sunderland to study BA (Hons) Media Production as she was impressed by the media facilities. She is currently working as a Videographer and Brand Development Specialist – a job she started straight after graduation – as well as working for an estate agent. Her future aspirations include managing a company’s media team and owning her own business.

I chose to study at the University of Sunderland as I wanted to stay near home so I could commute daily, plus the media facilities are in my opinion the best in the North East. The thing I loved most about the BA (Hons) Media Production course was the editing and the creative freedom; I learned so many new editing skills and I’m now good enough to put them into practice in an employment environment.

My career has progressed massively since I graduated. I am now a Videographer and Brand Development Specialist, which is a job title I never imagined I’d have straight out of university. I am also working for an estate agent so I’m learning about a whole new sector (Real Estate) that I previously had no knowledge about. I hope to continue to prosper in a media role and I’d like to eventually manage a company's media team and have my own photography/videography business on the side. The skills I learned on the course that really help in my job today include editing (using Premiere Pro and After Effects), basic camera skills and confidence in my work – that it is up to standard.

If I was going to give any advice to future students looking to study at Sunderland I’d say, do it! This has been the biggest achievement in my life so far, and not only did I achieve a First Class honours degree, I had fun along the way too. Also, and this might seem obvious, but it really pays to actually attend your classes and interact with your lecturers while you're there! My good relationship with my lecturer led to her recommending me for my current role and I started the job straight after graduation.

My time at Sunderland was a great experience and something I will always be immensely proud of and grateful for.”

Published 21 September 2020

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