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Case Study

Hannah Scrafton

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing Practice

Hannah Scrafton had always wanted to become a nurse, but after completing a Health and Social Care course at college she didn’t feel the time was right to go to university and began working as a dental nurse. A decision to quit her job as a dental nurse two years later and return to university has led Hannah to the frontline of the NHS by successfully securing a position at City Hospitals Sunderland before she has even graduated – one of the first on her course to do so.

When I saw that Sunderland was starting a new nursing programme I leapt at the chance to apply. It was close to home, many of my friends had been studying there, and I felt ready to go to university, so it was ideal. 

After two years in the dental industry, I’d also felt I’d gained enough experience with patients to be confident to train to become a nurse. It’s one of the most satisfying jobs and makes you feel great helping people at their most vulnerable time.

They were such a great team in Sunderland's emergency department, I enjoyed how busy it was and learned so much from the staff. You never knew what was going to come through the doors, and that’s what made it so interesting. So I’m delighted to now become part of that team when I finish my course.

There was so much confidence building from the start of my studies, and any concerns we had were taken on board and addressed, you felt really looked after. The facilities were so the state of the art that they really helped prepare you for the real world. I’d also advise any student nurse about to begin their course to take every placement you can get, it just helps make you a more rounded individual."

Published 14 June 2019

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