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Case Study

Michel Egbuniwe

Asaba, Nigeria

MSc Nursing

Michel Egbuniwe decided to pursue the MSc Nursing degree at Sunderland as he wanted to develop his academic writing, a skill that was particularly relevant to his current roles within nursing. Since beginning his master’s, he’s written and published several academic publications, and he hopes to go on to complete a PhD in the near future. He’s even recommended the MSc to several of his peers, three of whom have also enrolled on the course.

Prior to being accepted onto the MSc Nursing course at the prestigious University of Sunderland, I was working as a Principal Nursing Officer and Clinical Research Nurse with around eight scholarly publications. The decision to pursue a postgraduate degree at Sunderland stemmed from my desire to significantly enhance my academic writing skills, and the University is recognised for its student-friendly environment and esteemed reputation in research writing. I was fortunate enough to receive a £2,000 grant and this financial support played a crucial role in alleviating my living expenses, which I’m so grateful for.

The most interesting aspects of the MSc Nursing degree for me were the module around inequalities in global health systems and completing my research dissertation. The leadership lectures, research teaching, and instructional sessions on teaching and learning have significantly contributed to my proficiency in crafting my PhD proposal.

Since embarking on my master’s studies, my career has experienced a notable upward trajectory, as evidenced by the addition of 10 academic and scholarly publications in 2023, which brings my total up to 18. My future aspirations include enrolling in a PhD studentship programme, joining the ranks of distinguished scientific scholars, pursuing a career as a lecturer, and ultimately achieving the esteemed position of a professor.

Based on my time at the University, I’d advise any future students to maximise all academic resources provided by lecturers, extensively seek materials for your assessments (acknowledging the significance of the library), diligently review the course content before applying, allocate time for academic reading, and actively engage in some Students’ Union activities for a well-rounded student experience.

My remarkable experience has led me to actively promote the University of Sunderland to my peers, resulting in three of them joining last September’s cohort. For those looking for a student-friendly environment and excellence in educational delivery, Sunderland is a highly recommended choice.”

Published 13 March 2024

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