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Jamie Young

Sunderland, UK

BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing Practice

Jamie Young was working as a call handler for NHS 111 when he was inspired to train to become a nurse so that he could do even more for those in need of healthcare. He’s currently studying for the BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing Practice degree and is enjoying the practice placement element of the course where he gets the chance to work with qualified health professionals and patients within the NHS.

Prior to coming to university, I worked for the NHS 111 service as a call handler, which involved taking calls from people and triaging them for a range of illnesses, injuries, and other health concerns. While in this job, I had a lot of communication with registered nurses, paramedics, and doctors, and by being exposed to this, I realised I wanted to do more for the patients I was encountering by helping them in person.

Growing up in Sunderland, I’m familiar with the area and have my family and friends close by, which is one of the reasons I decided to study here. As well as this, the facilities available for students on the BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing Practice course are excellent, allowing us to learn in a setting that accurately mimics clinical practice. This means I can be fully prepared when I qualify as a nurse. These state-of-the-art facilities are used from the very beginning of first year, all the way to the end of third year, creating a brilliant learning environment.

My favourite aspect of the course is the clinical practice placements. Working with other qualified members of the NHS, assessing and treating patients, and mentoring other students is really preparing me for working within the health service. Our practice placements can be based within a huge range of areas across five local NHS Trusts, and each one provides unique and exciting opportunities for students.

Throughout the course so far, my career goals have changed and will more than likely change again before I graduate. Currently, I’d like to complete a master’s degree, possibly in public health, but that would be after gaining some qualified practice experience. When I qualify, I think I’d like to work either in A&E, community, or major trauma.

To anybody considering coming to Sunderland to study for their degree, come and visit for an Open Day if you can! They give you the chance to visit different areas of each campus, the accommodation, and even try the food. Choosing a university is a huge decision to make as it can take up a lot of time and money, so finding one you feel comfortable at is vital. Open Days also give you the chance to find out more information about the course you’re interested in, chat to the staff and students, and see what Sunderland has to offer. Touring the facilities on-campus can be a deciding factor too, as you’re able to view everything available within the faculty.

To sum up my experience so far – it’s been busy, but worth it! There’s a lot that this course requires of me, but with the support available, I’ve been able to complete all my work and placements. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning from the lecturers, as well as all the healthcare professionals I’ve met during clinical practice.”

Published 30 January 2024

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