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Yahya Amoi

London, UK

BA (Hons) Performing Arts

Yahya Amoi had originally planned to study at a drama school, but then decided he didn’t want to tie himself down to just one form of performance. He felt like he had found the right university when he discovered the BA (Hons) Performing Arts course at Sunderland, as it enabled him to study three forms of performance – music, acting and dance. Having graduated in 2018, Yahya is now part of a music duo and has been signed to an acting agent.

Originally my plan was to study at a drama school, but after some consideration while going through the audition process, I decided it would be more beneficial to not tie myself down to just one type of performative study. When I came across the BA (Hons) Performing Arts course at Sunderland, it felt like I had finally found the right university for me – the course allowed me to explore music, acting and dance and was predominantly practical.

My favourite part of the course was the Musical Theatre module and the Live Project module. I love to perform, so being able to put all my energy and hard work into characters and performances felt freeing! I discovered a love for musical theatre I never knew I had. Live Project allowed me to welcome others into a world I have been influenced by – R&B music, the 90s - and what would later shape my future career.

Since graduating, I have focused on my career as a recording artist and actor/performer. I am part of a music duo with my music partner and friend, Chem. We have released two music videos and singles on YouTube and all major streaming platforms. Our music is continuing to grow and progress as we continue to create more. I have also been fortunate enough to sign to an agent, which has given me the opportunity to progress in the musical theatre and acting world.

If I could give any prospective students some advice, I would say work hard and practice your craft because it really does pay off! Be open and push yourself; test the boundaries and step out of your comfort zone because that’s when you unlock aspects of yourself and talents you never knew you had. Stay consistent, stay hungry! Also, look after yourself and your wellbeing.

My time at the University of Sunderland was eye opening; it really allowed me to grow as a person. It’s an experience that is unforgettable and teaches you lessons that stick with you and shape you.”

Published 1 September 2020

Yahya is part of a music duo with his music partner and friend, Chem. They have released two music videos on YouTube: Senorita and Friends

Yahya also stars in short film, Playing God.

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