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Abigail Cook

Newcastle, UK

MPharm Pharmacy

After working part-time in a pharmacy Abigail Cook decided pharmacy was the career she wanted to pursue. She decided on the University of Sunderland based on its reputation and the experiences of her friends. Her favourite part of the course is the numerous opportunities for hands-on training which prepare you for practice.

Before university I was studying for my A Levels at high school and working part-time in a pharmacy. I had friends who were current students at the University, so after speaking with them about their experiences I knew that Sunderland was where I wanted to study. The facilities are fantastic, from the labs to the dispensary. The University of Sunderland also has a great reputation, as does the Pharmacy course.

My favourite part of the course is the numerous opportunities for hands-on training, which prepares you for practice. This includes patient contact sessions which allow you to practice and develop your communication skills; the mock dispensary where you develop your clinical and legal background of medicines and prescriptions; the mock wards which prepare you for the situations you may experience as a hospital pharmacist; and hands-on clinical skills training.

My time at the University of Sunderland has been engaging, hands-on and overall a fantastic experience."


Published 6 April 2021

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