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Bukola Mustafa


MSc Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Formulations

Bukola Mustafa came across the University of Sunderland and the MSc Pharmaceutical and Biopharmaceutical Formulations course through online research. Her favourite parts of the course include the facilities, guest lectures and supportive staff. She is now working as a pharmacist for Boots and aspires to one day join a team of researchers involved in innovative formulation of insulin.

I heard about the University of Sunderland through some online research for top schools of Pharmacy.

The thing I enjoyed most about the course was the formulation labs: this was where I was able to visualise scientific theories, which could be quite exciting. I also enjoyed learning about Bioinformatics, a vital aspect for most pharmaceutical companies. It was interesting to learn something new and different. We also heard from guest lecturers from pharmaceutical companies, which provided a link between what is being taught and how it is applied. Through these guest lectures I gained extensive knowledge on the fast growth of biopharmaceutical production.

We had access to excellent laboratories, with the latest equipment required for each module, such as the computers available during bioinformatics and statistics lectures. We also got to use older equipment which I appreciated as we got to see how technology had changed over the years and compare the efficiency of both old and new equipment. The staff provided excellent support, good interaction with students during lectures and outside of classes and appropriate guidance about critical-thinking skills and how to apply myself.

Since graduating I have been working as a pharmacist for Boots, a large company which is also involved in pharmaceutical production. The course helped improve my research skills, which are very important as a pharmaceutical scientist. One of the modules involved bio-formulation of a product that had never been marketed. This experience required extensive research, organisation and ability to think on your feet. I aspire to join a team of researchers involved in innovative formulation of insulin and I think these qualities had helped set a solid foundation towards my goal.”

Published 10 July 2020

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