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Crystal Kline

Penticton, British Columbia, Canada

MPharm Pharmacy

Crystal Kline moved from her hometown in Penticton, British Columbia to study the MPharm course at the University of Sunderland, after hearing about it from a friend. She wanted to extend her knowledge that she’d gained as a pharmacy technician and further her studies to become a pharmacist. She has found the support from lecturers very beneficial, especially in terms of them helping her with the process of returning to Canada to work as a pharmacist there.

I was working as a pharmacy technician at my local hospital pharmacy in Penticton, British Columbia and found myself wanting to know more. As a technician I found that I knew the basics but really wanted the ability to be included in the decision-making when it came to a patient’s care plan. I enjoyed the aspect of looking at someone’s profile and working out their medication rather than just the picking and delivering of the medications to the wards. So I decided to go and further my studies to become a pharmacist.

I found out about the University of Sunderland from a friend while I was completing my biochemistry degree at Memorial University in Newfoundland, Canada. After researching the MPharm course, and finding out that it not only had a very high rate of students being hired within 6 months of graduation but also a pass rate which was over the national level, I decided to apply. Another benefit is that the course has a large number of Canadian students and has done for many years, so many of the lecturers know about the process of retuning to Canada as a pharmacist which has been very helpful, especially now in my final year.

I enjoy how the years of study are laid out. Being from Canada we are used to taking individual courses so we have a total of five courses a semesters, which means five finals. However, here at Sunderland it is all taught as one. I found this super beneficial when it comes to studying as everything lines up as you are learning it including: pharmacology, chemistry, pharmaceutics and the clinical aspect. The lecturers at the University are all very approachable and always willing to help better your understanding with any of the topics we cover. You are given a personal tutor in first year that not only helps with any aspects of your school but is also there to help when you are dealing with any personal matters. Being an international student I found it very beneficial to have someone to be able to talk with when it came to things going on back at home. The University was very accommodating when I had a family emergency back in Canada and did everything to help me through the challenging time.

My time in Sunderland has been very enjoyable. I have not only been able to further my studies and gain more knowledge but I have had the opportunity to meet people with same ambitions in life who will forever be friends. Upon graduation I will be returning to Canada and hope to become qualified in a hospital pharmacy where I can take all of the knowledge I gained here at Sunderland over the past four years and apply it to help people within the healthcare system.”

Published 18 March 2020

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