Ethnic minority support

We are proud to have a diverse mix of students. We promote, support, and celebrate our students from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic backgrounds and want to provide equality for all.

We recognise that people from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic backgrounds may face more barriers. We offer training, wellbeing support, and report schemes to overcome this.


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Connect with others

As a diverse university, we have lots of different clubs and societies where you can connect with other people from your culture, country, faith, or simply just like-minded others. These include: 

  • African Caribbean
  • Chinese Society
  • Indian Society
  • Indonesian Society
  • Islamic Society
  • Malaysian Society
  • Nigerian Society
  • South Asian and Arab Society

Find out more about our cultural societies.

Chinese new year parade

Cultural events

We host a range of events to unite and empower our students and staff from different cultures. These events let us celebrate our students from different ethnicities and embrace diversity. Some of these include: 

  • Africa Day
  • Black History Month
  • Global Food Festival
  • Holi Festival
  • India Day
  • Lunar New Year
A Black Lives Matter protest

Funding for Black, Asian and minority ethnic groups

The Office for Students awarded the University of Sunderland just under £800,000 to increase access and participation for Black, Asian, and minority ethnic groups in postgraduate research study.

This project brought together the universities in our region to widen access and promote outcomes for prospective and current students in postgraduate research, and to deliver a programme with four key strands, including mental health, mentoring, development of services across the network, and admissions.

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Faith, chaplaincy and religion

The Chaplaincy team are a resource for religious, spiritual and ethical exploration. They play a huge role in support our students wellbeing and offer a listening ear for anyone who needs it. 

They are also a community that values each individual student and seeks to offer equality, justice and fairness to all. They provide wellbeing support with events like the Global friendship 

Find out more about our chaplaincy.