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Sunderland Marketing Hub

Sunderland Marketing Hub is an academic facility that brings together students, businesses and marketing academics at the University to work on real-life marketing projects.


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Sunderland Marketing Hub provides, free, confidential marketing advice to small and medium-sized businesses.

Students are allocated a marketing academic supervisor in the Business School to support them while they work on live projects. Academics will provide advice on activities such as:

Developing marketing strategies

Planning digital marketing campaigns

Designing a public relations event


Students: What Sunderland Marketing Hub can offer you

  • Work as part of a marketing agency
  • Gain experience of creating professional marketing strategies
  • Enhance your graduate prospects with real-life practical experience
  • Receive training and support from experienced marketing staff 

How the Hub works

Please make an enquiry via this page. If the project is suitable for student involvement it will then be processed to formalise a timeline for completion. Large projects or those required within a short timeframe will be forwarded to the University’s formal business team to process.

Supervised by an academic member of staff, a group of students will study the briefs and prepare a short presentation to pitch for the project they would like to develop. The academic staff/client(s) will decide which group they want to work on a project. The students’ task will then be to research the market, identify competitors, customer targets and as appropriate create the strategy for the marketing, communications, creative advertising or public relations projects.


The projects are undertaken with complete professionalism and we ensure all company information is confidential, supported by a non-disclosure agreement provided by the University.

Make an enquiry

To send an enquiry, please contact us using the details below. We aim to respond to every enquiry to confirm if we can assist, however this is subject to availability of resource.

You can contact us via:

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