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Immigration History Form

The Immigration History Form tells us about any previous study you have undertaken in the UK and if you have ever received a visa refusal from the UK or any other country.

It is very important that you provide us with this information when asked so we can have a full picture of your immigration history.

Your Immigration History Form can be submitted for us to view/assess via the ‘MyApplication’ portal.

Frequently asked questions

Can I study with the University of Sunderland if I have received a previous Visa refusal?

If you have received a previous visa refusal from the UK or any other country, please declare this on your Immigration History Form. We will need a copy of this before we can make a decision on your application.

I have previously studied in the UK and applying to study at the same level, can I do this?

The Home Office expect that you will move up the academic levels and will only grant a visa for same level study by exception.

If you have studied in the UK at the same level before we will ask you to provide a personal statement to demonstrate that you need this second qualification in order to progress in your career.

Once we have read your personal statement we will make a decision on whether we can progress your application to the next stage in the CAS process.

I have previously studied in the UK at the same level, but failed to complete the programme. Can I still receive a CAS?

If you have failed to complete a course previously in the UK then we will only progress your application by exception. We will ask to see documentation to demonstrate good cause for failing to complete. For example, medical reports.

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