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Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

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Frequently asked questions

How can I check if I need a visa to study with you?

To check whether you need a visa to apply for UK studies, please see the 'Check if you need a UK visa' online tool on the gov.uk website.

I am a dependant on another person’s visa, do I need a CAS?

This will depend on the type of visa you are a dependant on, and the expiry date of this visa. We will need to gather some more information from you before we can advise further. Please get in touch with us.

I am an EU national, will I need a visa?

To check whether you need a visa to apply for UK studies, please see the Studying in the UK: guidance for EU students' section of the gov.uk website.

Pre-CAS Checks – what are they?

Before you are issued a CAS you will need to complete some checks to ensure you have the best chance to be granted a visa.

The below checks will be carried out by the Immigration Compliance team. Click each one to find out more about them.

You will be sent an email from CAS Shield with your login details where you can then complete the above checks.

What happens after I have passed all of my Immigration Compliance checks?

Once your checks have been completed and your documents have been assessed and approved, you will then be issued a CAS.

If you have applied and paid your deposit within the timescales stated in your offer letter, we can only issue you a CAS if there are still places left on your course.

The Immigration Compliance team will review your documentation if there are still places on your course and you have paid a deposit. Once you have met all of the conditions, you will be progressed to the CAS stage.

Published: 3 April 2024