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Pre-CAS questionnaire

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What is a Pre-CAS questionnaire?

The Pre-CAS questionnaire allows the University to better understand why you wish to study at the University of Sunderland and have applied to study in the UK.

The questionnaire is an opportunity for you to tell us why you have chosen your course and explain how this will help you to progress in your career. You may be asked to attend a credibility interview with a member of the Immigration Compliance Team.

The questionnaire is in four steps and will cover:

  • Your reasons for choosing this course and University of Sunderland
  • Your research into the UK
  • Post-study work plans
  • Accommodation and living plans

You will be asked to provide the following information:

  • CV/resume
  • Employment reference
  • Employment contract to cover periods employed
  • Employment payslip

You may be asked for additional information if:  

  • You have a gap in study
  • You have previously visited the UK, we will ask you for relevant documentation
  • We need further details on your post-study work plans

Frequently asked questions

Can I study at the University of Sunderland if I have previously received a visa refusal? 

If you have received a previous visa refusal from the UK or any other country, please state this when completing your checks on CAS Shield and upload the relevant documentation relating to your refusal(s). 

I have previously studied in the UK and applying to study at the same level, can I do this? 

The Home Office expects you to progress to the next academic level when studying and will only grant a visa for same-level study by exception. If you have previously studied in the UK and are applying to study at the same level again, we will ask you to write a personal statement explaining why you need this qualification to progress in your career. We will then assess your personal statement and decide whether we can progress your application to the next stage in the CAS process. 

I have previously studied in the UK at the same level but failed to complete the course. Can I still receive a CAS? 

If you have failed to complete a course previously in the UK then we will only progress your application by exception. We will ask to see documentation to demonstrate good cause for failing to complete. For example, medical reports. 

What is the process for applicants to appeal the decision to reject? 

You can request a review if your application is rejected based on the answers you have provided in your Pre-CAS Questionnaire. Email immigrationcompliance@sunderland.ac.uk quoting your student number and request a review. A member of the Immigration Compliance Team will reassess your original submission and decide whether to overturn the decision. 

Published: 4 June 2024