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Useful links to support services for students

While starting at university can be an exciting time for many students, sometimes they may need additional support. This guide contains useful links to support services that can advise students, parents and supporters about resources available at Sunderland to help them.

Failing a module

If a student has failed a module on their course, we have support in place to help. The student will often be given the option to re-take the module they have failed.

Read our advice for parents and supporters whose students have failed modules.

Students can also work closely with their lecturers, seminar tutors and advisors for help with retaking modules, as well as learning support.

Struggling with workload

The adjustment from school or college to university can be tricky and some students may struggle with workload. A central part of university life is independent study which can be challenging if the student is not used to this system of learning.

At Sunderland we offer study support for students via our Library Services, such as one to one advice, and study skills events and guides. We also have course information available for students about how their courses may be structured, term information and more.

Being aware of what is expected of them at university can help students to cope with the new workloads they are given. Parents and supporters can also help students by supporting them emotionally and mentally through this time.

Financial difficulties 

For students who may be facing potential financial worries, our Financial Guidance Team can provide expert financial advice. The service is free, confidential, impartial and non-judgemental. While the team can’t speak to you about a student’s specific circumstances without their consent, they are always happy to offer general guidance and answer any questions you may have.

We are also able to offer advice on financial wellbeing, which can be given to both students as well as parents and supporters.

We have information about additional financial support that may be available to students depending on their circumstances.

Falling out with flat mates and problems with accommodation

If you’re a parent or supporter of a student living with other students, it can be worrying to learn that arguments are occurring. We provide a range of support services which students can access to help for issues with flatmates or accommodation.

If the student is living in university managed accommodation, and they’re either having issues with flatmates or the accommodation itself, they could contact our accommodation team.

Some larger non-university accommodation providers can also help support students experiencing problems.

Our Students’ Union can also provide flatmate mediation as well as landlord mediation. Students are also able to contact our Wellbeing Services for a range of support including self-help resources, help in a crisis as well as groups and workshops.

Finding it difficult to make friends 

Sunderland hosts a number of events for students to help them make friends, such as Freshers’ Week and over 50 Sports Clubs and Societies. If you are a parent or supporter concerned that your student is struggling to make friends, encouraging them to get involved in groups concerned with their interests is a great way to help them settle in.

Wellbeing Services have partnered with UMII, a free online platform for students to make friends by connecting with other students.

The Students’ Union also offers students the option to chat with current students, who can give great advice about how they made friends while studying. The Students’ Union also offers a buddying scheme as well as Friendship evenings which promote inclusivity and a welcoming atmosphere for all students.

Mental health issues 

We have a range of support services available at Sunderland to help students who have mental health issues to ensure they are settling in and coping.

Our Wellbeing Services can offer self-help resources, groups and workshops and further advise on what to do if your student is struggling with their mental health. We also have Overnight Support to ensure students have continual access to wellbeing and mental health services.

Sunderland offers a range of support for all students, as well as helpful advice for parents and supporters, to ensure students enjoy their time on campus.