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Case Study

Matthew Gray


BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Promotion

Matthew Gray began studying Pharmacy at university, but soon realised that he wanted to pursue a career in the fashion industry. As a Fashion Design and Promotion graduate, he is now achieving his dreams, using the skills he learned in his degree to design for big name brands.

I've always been quite a creative person. I started off doing oil paintings, but thought if I could refine this into something I could make a career out of then that would be the best option for me, and the University really helped me do that.

What I enjoyed the most on the Fashion Design and Promotion course is the time that the academics spent with me teaching me sewing skills and pattern cutting, as these are skills that I can use day-to-day. They helped build my confidence and helped me streamline my ideas into a final product.

My day-to-day work involves designing garments, all the way from the design process, to looking at trends and developing it with the factory. I feel like the University has helped me the most with these things, as well as my skills in organisation, and being able to communicate in an effective way in a fashion environment. 

I think studying fashion is a great idea for anyone creative. I would recommend the University of Sunderland as the lecturers are really hands-on, they care about how well you're going to do, and they help open up doors for you in the future.

I feel like the skills that I gained while I studied here have helped me get to where I am today.


Published 12 April 2024

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