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Case Study

Matthew Maltas

Sunderland, UK

BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Promotion

After studying Art and Design at Sunderland College, Matthew wasn’t sure it was right for him and his future career. However, he’d always dreamed of working in fashion and was able to pursue that here at the University of Sunderland. Now he has his sights set on studying an MA after graduating.

The Fashion Design and Promotion course at Sunderland seemed to offer something different – something I hadn’t seen at other universities. I felt welcomed and at home very quickly; the staff were always there to help and work with, which I found useful.

I was studying Art and Design at Sunderland College and was told that the work I was doing would be more than enough to get me into university, but I wasn’t sure art was what I wanted to do with regards to a career. I was always interested in fashion though so I thought, why not give that a go?

The course covers a wide range of topics over and above fashion design. I’ve explored styling, branding, making and digital design to name, just a few.

I would definitely recommend the University of Sunderland, as studying here has helped me to understand what I want and need to do, not only with my work, but also with my life. It’s really made me think about the future and where I would like to go with my degree.

My advice to future students: don’t think fashion is an easy option. Do your research on what you want to do during the course and beyond, come prepared, and never miss an opportunity!

I plan on studying an MA when I graduate and from there, my dream job would be to become a menswear designer!”

Published 29 November 2019

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