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Case Study

Judith Farrell

Great feedback from friends and convinced Judith Farrell that a degree from Sunderland was the right option for her.

I chose Sunderland because the course was the best one for what I wanted to do. I had never given University much thought before this, so I knew it would be a big decision for me. What helped in my decision were the positive comments I had heard from others who had studied Law at Sunderland. The best thing about the course was the range of module choices available.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to study and excel with the legal knowledge they gain from it. You don't necessarily have to make a career as a barrister or solicitor once the course is finished, which is another reason why I would recommend the course. There are other options available with an undergraduate degree, such as teaching.

The module tutors are really good at guiding students in the right direction for any help that is asked of them, as they are all friendly and approachable. Even if you think a question you want to ask is stupid, don't worry about it! The tutors' welcome any questions that are going to help your peace of mind. The best part of it is that they are all available by email or phone, and are always quick to respond."

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