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Case Study

Penny Jones

Sunderland, UK

LLB (Hons) Law

Penny Jones wanted to challenge herself academically and decided studying LLB Law at the University of Sunderland would be a good fit, because of our great facilities and location. Penny hopes to have a career in the legal sector and says the staff here have been helpful in assisting her work experience applications.

I chose to study at the University of Sunderland because of its location and the excellent facilities. The Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St Peter's is close to the beach, so there is always somewhere nice to go for a walk with friends. The learning spaces are brilliant; the pods in the library are ideal for group work and the Catherine Cookson reading room is great when you need somewhere silent to study.

The way in which the course is taught is definitely one of the best aspects. For some of my modules, I attend lectures, workshops, seminars and Socratic lectures, the latter of which allows me and my peers to have detailed discussions about cases and judicial policies. The workshops develop my ability to think critically and apply my knowledge of the law to legal problems. I had the opportunity to learn in a more practical manner when I studied the Criminal Law module - I was required to stand in the mock law court and argue why my fictional client should be given a lesser sentence, due to the factors and circumstances surrounding the crime that they committed.

The extra-curricular activities have supported my development and taught me a great deal about what is required of me when I go into legal practice. The Client Interviewing Competition is where you act as a solicitor and interview a client, who will want to be advised on an issue. Entering the competition has allowed me to develop my interviewing technique and improve how I care for clients, for example making sure that they are aware of the complaints process and what they should expect from the interview. In the summer of 2019, I was invited for an interview at the PSU (now known as Support Through Court) and the Client Interviewing Competition became my main talking point in the interview because the organisation was interested in my experience with clients and my ability to communicate effectively.

After graduation I am aiming for a career in the legal sector. My lecturers have been helpful in assisting with applications for work experience, from which I have gained a lot.

My experience of studying at Sunderland has been brilliant and positively challenging."


Published 12 December 2019

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