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  1. Neil Ewins

    Senior Lecturer in Design and Contextual Studies
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  2. Graham Mitchell

    Programme Leader, BA (Hons) Graphic Design
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  3. Keith Nevens

    Programme Leader for Advertising and Design
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  4. Donna Barkess

    Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design and Illustration
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  5. Niel Bushnell

    Academic Tutor in Animation and Games Art
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  6. Roger W Thomas

    Senior Lecturer in Design
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  7. Ros Allen

    Programme Leader Animation and Games Art
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  8. Ewan Clayton

    Professor of Design
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  9. Alison Diamond

    Design Academic Tutor
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  10. Naomi A Austin

    Senior Lecturer in Fashion Design and Promotion
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  11. Hannah Gawne

    Senior Textile and Printmaking Technician
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  12. Manny Ling

    Programme Leader for MA Design
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  13. Gurpreet Singh

    Principal Lecturer and Team Leader for Design
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  14. Chris McQuillan

    Lecturer in Animation and Games Art
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