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Journalism and PR Staff Profiles

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  1. Lisa Hadwin

    Lisa Hadwin

    Academic Tutor
    View Lisa Hadwin profile
  2. Andrew Glover

    Andrew Glover

    Programme Leader for Broadcast Journalism
    View Andrew Glover profile
  3. Jenny Wotherspoon

    Jenny Wotherspoon

    Programme Leader Social Media Management; Video Journalism Lecturer
    View Jenny Wotherspoon profile
  4. Carole Watson

    Carole Watson

    Programme Leader for Fashion Journalism
    View Carole Watson profile
  5. Neil Macfarlane

    Neil Macfarlane

    Senior Lecturer in Online Journalism
    View Neil Macfarlane profile
  6. India Adams-Norton

    India Adams-Norton

    mediaHUB Newsroom Manager
    View India Adams-Norton profile
  7. Lee Hall

    Lee Hall

    Head of School of Media and Communications
    View Lee Hall profile
  8. Kevin Maguire

    Kevin Maguire

    Visiting Professor of Journalism
    View Kevin Maguire profile
  9. Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor

    Salaried Academic Tutor
    View Paul Taylor profile
  10. Neil Farrington

    Neil Farrington

    Senior Lecturer in Sports Journalism
    View Neil Farrington profile
  11. John Price

    John Price

    Senior Lecturer in Journalism
    View John Price profile
  12. Liz Lamb

    Liz Lamb

    Programme Leader in Magazine Journalism
    View Liz Lamb profile
  13. Diane Green

    Diane Green

    Public Relations Programme Leader
    View Diane Green profile
  14. Alistair Robinson

    Alistair Robinson

    Programme Leader for Journalism
    View Alistair Robinson profile
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