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Professorial Lecture Series 2021/22

Celebrating and sharing the expertise and achievements of our new and established Professors.
These lectures showcase the breadth and quality of the research being conducted at the University.


‘Songs of Place and Time’ by Professor Mike Collier

Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Professor Mike Collier, Professor of Visual Art, Art and Design.

As the world went silent in lockdown March 2020, something else happened; for the first time, many people became more aware of the spring sounds of the birds around us.

Reflecting this deep engagement with birdsong, my project ‘Songs of Place and Time’ explores the quasi-symphonic experience of a dawn chorus. Working together with poets, musicians, composers, natural historians and the natural world this project is a collaborative synthesis standing at the meeting point, or even overlap, of various established and emerging fields of research and practice, including Zoomusicology, Ecoacoustics and Biosemiotics.

The collaborative nature of my research process mirrors, in a small way, how I believe we should work together in the world – a world that we share with our ‘other’, more-than-human, partners on the planet. The knowledge exchange in these informal relationships is rich, rhizomatic and hugely stimulating.

For details of the book ‘Songs of Place and Time'

"Challenging judgements and perceptions of bariatric surgery through partnership working" by Professor Yitka Graham

Bariatric surgery is the most effective method of weight loss for people living with obesity, however it is not widely accepted or understood. 

Professor Graham will discuss her innovative partnerships working across NHS, patients, local government and commercial organisations, which is improving patient care, supporting the healthcare workforce and meeting the challenges faced by people who have undergone bariatric surgery.

Date/Time:  Thursday 24 November 2022, 6-7pm

Venue:  Murray Lecture Theatre, City Campus, Sunderland, SR1 3SD

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"Nothing is so practical as a good theory" by Professor John Fulton

This professorial lecture will specifically focus on the ways in which theories can
be applied to practice.  Professor Fulton drawing from his career in health care and education will illustrate the ways in which, theory when applied to practice, can explain, illuminate, and transform practice.

Date/Time:  Wednesday 2 November 2022, 6-7pm,

Venue:  Murray Lecture Theatre, City Campus, Sunderland, SR1 3SD

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"Risks and Crises in Tourism and Hospitality" by Professor Nikolaos Pappas

This professorial lecture outlines Professor Nikolaos Pappas research focus in the field of risks and crises in tourism and hospitality. It includes the main highlights of his research involvement during the last 15 years. It also pinpoints the current and future research prospects in crisis
management and communications.

Date/Time:  Wednesday 19 October 2022, 6-7pm

Venue:  Sir Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre, Prospect Building, Sir Tom Cowie Campus, SR6 0DD

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'Using technology to maintain our future' by Professor David Baglee

In this lecture, Professor David Baglee, Professor of Advanced Maintenance and Head of School of , , Faculty of Technology, will introduce a snapshot of his career and will discuss how technology has changed during these years to support 'smarter' maintenance management utilising industry 4 tools and techniques.

Date/Time: Wednesday 22 June 2022, 6-7pm

Venue: Sir Tom Cowie Lecture Theatre, Prospect Building, Sir Tom Cowie campus, SR6 0DD

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