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  1. Graduate success story: Mike Johnson

    From his beginnings in Ashbrooke to heading up one of the world’s most well-known companies, the University of Sunderland has been a key part of Mike Johnson’s long and illustrious career.

  2. Amy Purvis: Why Law is more relevant than ever

    For decades, a degree in Law has been a true mark of excellence; a sure sign of an individual highly-skilled in a range of areas. But now, an LLB is more relevant than ever according to Programme Leader Amy Purvis.

  3. Josh Edwards: Sunderland offers crucial real-life law experience

    For many ordinary people, receiving high-quality legal advice is simply a pipe dream, with a large portion of the general public priced out of such services. However, here at Sunderland, the University’s Student Law Clinic is changing the way people in the city think about legal cases.

  4. Everything you need to know about studying Tourism, Hospitality and Events at Sunderland

    Fancy studying Tourism, Hospitality and Events? Studying at the University of Sunderland will allow you to see the world, learn from key industry figures and get the real-life experience you need, along with much more. Senior Lecturer Nicole Mitsche outlines the host of features on offer here.

  5. Graduates’ top tips to employability in Tourism, Hospitality and Events

    With employability expected to grow at more than double the UK average, there are plenty of opportunities to start your career in Tourism, Hospitality and Events. Standing out from the crowd is crucial and, here at Sunderland, there are a whole host of schemes and initiatives you can get involved with to boost your career prospects. Read advice from recent graduates...

  6. Top tips to help you achieve your business and management career goals

    Business and management is one of the most versatile subjects to study at degree level, opening up paths to a huge range of careers in the business world and beyond. Business students tend to be career focused and keen to take any opportunity to help them stand out in a competitive jobs market. With that in mind, here are our top tips to help you achieve your business and management career goals.