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Study Abroad collaborations

The University of Sunderland welcomes collaborations with faculty and international institutions.


Why collaborate with the University of Sunderland?

We are looking to work with like-minded institutions interested in:

  • Co-creating bespoke programmes designed to meet your specific needs
  • Expanding your current portfolio with the addition of the University of Sunderland Study Abroad programme

The University will work with you to design bespoke, life-changing, safe, and accessible faculty-led Study Abroad with academic programmes at the home institution. We provide students with a variety of academic and experiential learning opportunities, self-development activities and extra-curricular experiences. This can be supported with our Study Abroad specific module, 'British Life and Culture,' which highlights the essential parts of British society from the monarchy, to the development of British national and regional identity.

Field trip activity and excursions encourages students to develop a sense of belonging and connection during their Study Abroad. In addition, we can also support multi-centre Study Abroad opportunities through integration with our campuses in London and Hong Kong to give students the chance to form a variety of cultural perspectives during their time abroad.

Our Study Abroad experience is designed to develop key skills required by today’s employers:

  • International experience
  • Global and cultural awareness
  • Independent thinking
  • Confident problem solving

We are open to discuss co-design, including delivery of bespoke modules to support cultural orientation, multi-centre opportunities and an experience to meet your term times and timescales. Fees may vary for non-standard modular programmes and are agreed according to programme content. The University of Sunderland is able to offer a broad Study Abroad experience including weekend trips and international visits.

Work experience in a Study Abroad setting will improve employment prospects. We aim to support partners in organising this, where required. Work experience is linked to our 'World of Work' module which will run alongside work placements to support the students self-development and enhancement of key employability skills.

One semester programmes are a very popular option for Study Abroad students and we aim to support the Study Abroad experience with focus on:

  • Cost-conscious opportunities
  • Global curriculum integration
  • Transfer credit to the home institution
  • Culturally immersive modules
  • Social itinerary and travel opportunities
  • Support from our Study Abroad team
  • Support with planning and logistics
  • Comprehensive on-campus student induction 

Available subject disciplines

We offer a range of modules within each of the following subject disciplines:

Art and Design, Business, Computer Science, Culture and Language, Education, Engineering *, Healthcare Sciences, Law, Media and Communications, Nursing *, Pharmacy *, Psychology, Paramedic Sciences, Social Sciences, Sports Sciences, Tourism.

Study Abroad modules

We offer a wide variety of modules across key subject disciplines, including our study abroad specific modules, World of Work and British Life and Culture. Please explore the module list.

We welcome STEM students ­– studying STEM modules at the University of Sunderland enables global insights and Study Abroad enhances employability. Study Abroad modules can be an efficient way to do STEM majors or fulfil general education requirements, completing coursework outside of the STEM major.

* Engineering, nursing, paramedic and pharmacy modules are not available for general choice. Institutions wishing to incorporate these modules in their Study Abroad programme should discuss with the University’s Study Abroad team.

Contact us

For a sample Study Abroad itinerary and to discuss collaborations, please email: study.abroad@sunderland.ac.uk