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Modules selection and information

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Welcome to the module selection and information page. Please scroll down to view our subject areas.

When studying abroad at the University of Sunderland, you are required to take at least three 20-credit modules or a total of 60 credits per semester. We require students to select a total of eight module choices as some may be subject to availability.

Above is a snapshot of the diverse modules available to Study Abroad students. To explore the full list, click on a subject area below. After reviewing the available modules, please visit our module catalogue site for full descriptions. 

Subject areas

Foundation Diploma Art and Design
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Art and Design

Our Art and Design courses combine practical skills with academic rigour. You will work with our award-winning academics to build up a portfolio that will impress prospective employers and display your practical skills, leading to a rewarding and creative career.

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Three students outside Canary Wharf
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Business and Management

The world of business and management is a vibrant one. It’s a constantly moving and evolving environment to work in, and we offer a range of modules that cover all aspects of contemporary business and management. 

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Close up of coloured computer cables
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Computer Science

With so much recent investment and a heavy reliance on fast, effective technologies in the 21st Century, computing is truly a global industry. Here at Sunderland, we offer a fantastic range of modules which will allow you to take advantage of the growing number of opportunities in the sector. 

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A student reading a book in a library
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Culture and Language

Choose from a wide variety of modules to study, ranging from Tudor England to Martin Luther King, and from imperialism to women's history.

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A student in a classroom
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Play a vital role in helping children and young people develop and fulfil their potential. Make a positive difference to their lives as they progress through their education. 

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Engineering students using PLCs in the electronics lab
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Engineers are revolutionising the way we live. From leading the war against pollution and making cleaner, faster cars, to saving lives by developing the latest medical equipment, and bringing the latest ships and aircraft to life.

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Students in a workshop
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Health Sciences

Our modules are designed to suit your personal needs, and with this in mind we operate within a flexible framework, allowing you to select specific modules within our various programmes to suit your own interests.

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BA (Hons) Film and Media
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Media and Communications

Indulge your passion in media. Explore an array of modules from screenwriting and producing to radio and tv. Work for the award-winning Spark Sunderland. Master your skills in state-of-the-art studios.

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BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing Practice
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Utilise state-of-the-art simulation facilities. Undertake practical placements in hospital and community settings. Our modules are designed to suit your personal needs, and with this in mind we operate within a flexible framework, allowing you to select specific modules within our various programmes to suit your own interests.

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Paramedic Sciences
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Paramedic Sciences

Meet the challenges of modern paramedic practice. Deal with unpredictable situations competently and confidently. Learn potentially lifesaving procedures that will allow you to treat and stabilise patients at the scene of an accident or emergency.   

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Student looking at medication in the pharmacy dispensary
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Research how diseases develop. Investigate how certain medicines can enhance wellbeing. Directly benefit people's health. Learn how the skills and knowledge of drug production relate to the development, design, and evaluation of cosmetic products.

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Students talking
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Learn how we act, react and interact with each other. Study the human mind and brain as well as a wide range of phenomena such as behaviour, motivations, memory and other cognitive processes. Apply what you learn to many contexts upon graduation, from working with clinical disorders, to managing education and training.

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BSc (Hons) Sociology
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Social Sciences

Think differently about the world you live in. Explore global and local issues. Gain experience in relevant organisations, and graduate equipped to help change society for the better.

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Sports Sciences main image
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Sports Sciences

Turn your passion into a fulfilling and rewarding career. Inspire the next generation of sportsmen and women. Help people become healthier, play a key role in the prevention of disease and perfect your craft in our state-of-the-art laboratories.  

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Study Abroad modules image
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Study Abroad

The study abroad modules are designed to support the student experience and facilitate a sense of belonging while studying at the University and living in the UK. The modules highlight different aspects of the British identity and culture ranging from career development in the UK and employability skills for the future to the history and key pieces of British nationality. The module content will analyze the key components of what built Britain, from the monarchy to arts and literature, to modern day technological advancements and successful workplace development. 

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A student smiling
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Study at the heart of a national Tourism hub. Personalise your course with a host of flexible modules. Use industry placements and professional contacts to springboard yourself into a career in a rapidly expanding sector.

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* Please note for Engineering, Nursing, Pharmacy and Paramedic Science, we would expect students to be on a relevant programme of study or have the required prior knowledge or experience.

Jargon Buster

Module = A unit of assessed learning with coherent aims and learning outcomes. Also could be known as a class or course.
Courses = Majors or Academics
GPA = Grade Point Average, not used in an English grading system
Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St Peter's = One of the University of Sunderland's campuses in the city of Sunderland, North East England