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Inbound Exchange students

If you are applying from one of our established partner universities then you can study with us as an exchange student. This means that you don't need to pay any tuition fees to the University of Sunderland. Your home university must nominate you to the University of Sunderland.

At the University of Sunderland, we have a dedicated team to support you from submitting your application, help with any visa questions all the way through to your airport arrival. When you arrive, we have a detailed social and educational timetable of induction activities. Look through all our supporting information for more details about the programs, modules and student well-being. We look forward to welcoming you to the University of Sunderland.

Here are a few benefits of studying abroad at Sunderland:

Independent perspective

When you study abroad, you gain a sense of independence. Immersing yourself in a new culture and adapting to a new environment will increase your self-confidence.


Choosing to study abroad in England provides you with access to Europe and the rest of the world. Both of our campuses, in London and Sunderland, are located within easy access to major airports, trains and sea travel. You can take a quick trip to Italy, Spain and France and while you are staying in the UK, you can plan weekends in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Oxford and London or visit the countryside in the Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales.

Friendships and cultural views

Studying abroad is just as much about the connections we make and the bonds we create. While you study with us at the University of Sunderland, you will integrate with our full-time students and other study abroad participants. You have the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective, adapt to new cultures and will build life long friends.

CV enrichment and employment opportunities

Reciprocal credit transfer from a UK university will build your CV making it appealing to employers. Having a study abroad experience shows you are culturally knowledgeable and have developed essential employability skills.

Module selection

Teaching and learning at the University of Sunderland incorporates experiential learning, self-development activities and extra-curricular experiences. Our study abroad team is in place to ensure you chose appropriate modules to fulfil requirements from your home universities. They will work with you to build a schedule that will be challenging and fun.

Depending on your program, certain students may only choose select modules from certain subject disciplines. Please refer to your exchange agreement for these details.

Credit transfer

The University of Sunderland Study Abroad team will work with you to make sure module credits are compatible with your home university. They will support you and work through the required steps to ensure the credits you earn here are transferred to your home institution. If you would like to know more about credit transfer information – see the credit transfer page.

Fees and accommodation

Many of our previous study abroad students comment on the low cost of living in Sunderland. Students also have access to free buses that take you to the main destinations in the city. 

All study abroad students will stay in University of Sunderland accommodation with high-speed internet access and WiFi.

Please visit our fees and accommodation page for more information regarding exchange finances and accommodation information.

Please note: Semester 1 is September – January and Semester 2 January - May.