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Case Study

Isabel Watts

Illinois, United States of America

MSc Inequality and Society

Isabel Watts was looking to study in the UK and ultimately chose the University of Sunderland because of the messages of equality and inclusion she saw when researching the University and courses. After graduating, Isabel plans to launch a career within social sciences and social justice.

There are several reasons why I chose to study at the University of Sunderland, aside from wanting to study somewhere in the UK in general. I was attracted to the messages of equality and inclusion that I saw on the website, including the course I was looking into. The tuition was also the cheapest out of the universities I applied for, which also had a large influence. I chose to come to back to university after studying at undergraduate level, purely to gain more knowledge and further develop myself intellectually.

It’s hard to put into words how valuable this course has been to my intellectual development and understanding of the world. The initial compulsory modules shook my perception of reality so much in the best way, and had me thinking on a whole new level. The following modules allowed me to put these new tools to use while writing and learning about topics I’m passionate about.

The Programme Leader has been very approachable, helpful, and has gone above and beyond to supply us with personal and professional development opportunities.

Sunderland is for you if you value extensive library resources, career guidance services and a fantastic physical location or virtual classroom system. The University offers opportunities for your voice to be heard and is an institution that is always working on equality, diversity and inclusion. You’ll receive an education that will put your critical thinking on a whole new plane.

I received help from the Employability and Enterprise Hub and after graduation, I plan to apply for social science or social justice related jobs, and possibly for a PhD. I credit the University for giving me not just my degree to add to my CV, but also several other things that will expand my marketability to schools and employers.

To sum up my experience, I am so thankful for the opportunity and privilege to not only have gained various credentials of professional and academic value, but to have undergone such drastic intellectual growth."

Published 2 November 2021

Find out more about Isabel: https://isabelwatts.weebly.com/


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