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Case Study

Lewis Bough

Newcastle, UK

MSc Inequality and Society

After completing an undergraduate degree in Digital Forensics, Lewis Bough realised their interests lay within issues of inequality and social justice, so enrolled on the MSc Inequality and Society course at the University of Sunderland. When they graduate, they hope to pursue a career around tackling global inequalities.

I had just completed my undergraduate degree in Digital Forensics and soon realised that I was primarily interested in the issues surrounding inequality and social justice rather than IT. Studying for a postgraduate degree seemed like a good route into getting involved with this type of work and it would mean I could develop further academically.

I chose to study at the University of Sunderland for a number of reasons, the main one being that the course content really jumped out at me. Although I had some doubts transitioning from Computer Science to Social Sciences, after speaking to the Programme Leader, I felt confident and assured that I would receive lots of support to help me settle in.

The course content is super and I’m always looking forward to getting stuck into the material each week. The lecturers make an effort to keep the lessons really interactive rather than just relying on the lecture material, which leads to some interesting and helpful discussions around key theories and concepts.

My advice to anyone thinking of coming to the University would be to not let your educational background stop you. There’s plenty of help and support available – I even received a discount on my tuition fees due to being furloughed during the global pandemic, which has been a big help.

When I graduate, I’m hoping to have a career around tackling global inequalities. My Programme Leader frequently advertises positions relevant to this field so I’ve been able to practise applying, which will hopefully result in me gaining some experience working for a non-governmental organisation in the future.

The whole experience of studying at Sunderland has shifted my perspective massively. Before starting my degree, I was feeling quite directionless and didn’t think it would be possible for me to pursue a career in inequality due to my IT background. Now I feel inspired and focused on my future.”

Published 31 January 2022

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