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Case Study

Victoria Murphy

Cambridgeshire, UK

BSc (Hons) Health and Social Care

Since attending the University of Sunderland, Victoria Murphy has been pushed to question everything she knows and change her way of thinking and now she is more aware of the world around her and the impact her actions can have within this world. Without the encouragement of her lecturers and the experience she has had during her course and her involvement playing women’s rugby, Victoria would not be as confident or socially aware as she is today.

I preferred the two campus structure and the modern aesthetic of the University, I found it was less intimidating and provided a forward-thinking approach to studying. It was also one of few universities which offered the Health and Social Care course structure of more emphasis on essays rather than being completely exam based.

Before university, I was undertaking my A-levels at Sixth Form back in my home town. I wanted to come to the University in order to further my education and increase my employment opportunities in the working world. At the time, I was not sure exactly what career it was that I wanted to do, but I knew that by having a degree it would supply more employment possibilities and provide me with more choices and opportunities in the future.

There is so much variety in what students are taught as optional modules include a range across different, but relevant, courses such as Social Work, Community and Youth work, and Counselling. The course lecturers are very clear and coherent and are happy to offer help or guidance on any topics which students feel they need further understanding of.

The Health and Social Care assessments are also set up to accommodate everyone's academic strengths, by providing a combination of essay, exam and presentation based assessments. I also think that the smaller seminar groups are ideal for discussions and providing students with the opportunity to ask questions or explore topics further. This is something which isn’t always possible in lectures.

I have had the best experience at Sunderland, both academically and socially. I have been given more opportunities to develop my knowledge and evolve my personality than I believe any other university would have been able to provide. This is due to the, not only what I learnt on the course, but the lecturers who engaged with me on multiple subjects.

Get stuck in with the societies and sports clubs, because they offer the chance to meet people outside your course and provide unforgettable social experiences. Also, get to know your lecturers! They are so helpful and full of knowledge that will challenge and push you to question how you already think. These conversations and debates will help you to decide what dissertation topic you want to do and what you might want to do after university.

I hope to work in HR at a corporation which shares my values and beliefs of equality and diversity within the workplace, with the hope to one day be head of my HR department.

Before Sunderland, my school teachers did not think I had the skills to gain an undergraduate degree or that I would be able to complete it above a pass level. Since attending the University I have been pushed to question everything I know and change my way of thinking. Due to this, I am more aware of the world around me and the impact my actions can have within this world.

Without the encouragement of my lecturers and the experience, I have had during my course, and my involvement playing women’s rugby, I would not be as confident or socially aware as I am today. Going to the University of Sunderland is one of the best choices I have ever made."

Published 14 June 2019

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