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Case Study

Joseph Walaan

Cairo, Egypt

PGCE Education (DL)

Joseph Walaan has a passion for teaching and wanted to study a course that would advance his career. He found that the PGCE Education (DL) course fitted perfectly with his career goals and, after learning about the University of Sunderland’s global reputation, made the choice to apply.

I really love teaching and I believe that the passion for teaching should be entangled with the theory that underpins our practice. For me, the PGCE Education (DL) cemented the vital skills, knowledge and practice that every teacher needs.

I found the learning environment at the University to be very positive. As I studied my degree via distance learning, I utilised the Virtual Learning Environment, Canvas, which is moderated by a skilled teaching team. I benefitted hugely from the discussions, group chats, online meetings and drop-in sessions that the team organised. I enjoyed the feeling of inclusion and citizenship amongst my peers, lecturers, and the University.

It has been such an immersive experience, a year that was full of knowledge, hard work and challenges. The course was really enjoyable and it has been career-changing for me. Thanks to studying for the PGCE Education, I have been hired by a well-established British school in my country, and it has helped me take the first step in my professional career growth."

Published 21 May 2021

Hear more from Joseph on his YouTube Channel 

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