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Case Study

Aayesha Temur Khan

Islamabad, Pakistan

PGCE Early Years Teaching (DL)

MA Education (DL)

Aayesha Temur Khan was looking for a challenging teacher training degree that would allow her to deliver the highest quality of education to her students, which is when she came across the PGCE Early Years Teaching (DL) at Sunderland. She particularly enjoyed the intensive practical aspects of the course, as well as the support she received as a distance learner and has now enrolled on another course with the University – the MA Education (DL).

I’ve always been a teacher and I’ve been running a free school in Pakistan since 2013 – but unfortunately, in my country, teacher training is often neglected. I completed an MSc in Economics and afterwards spent many years self-learning through free teacher training resources. Back in 2017, I moved abroad and had the opportunity and the funds to get formal training, which I utilised to the fullest.

Going back to university was influenced by a desire to provide the best to students under my care. I’ve always been an eager learner and I wanted to enrol in an institution that would provide the highest level of challenge and an intense learning experience. I did some research of different courses at many universities, but none of them appealed to me until I came across the University of Sunderland. The PGCE Early Years Teaching course offered that challenge and I’m glad I went with my gut.

My time studying was transformative at both a professional and personal level. The intensive practical aspect was undoubtedly my favourite part of the course! The online learning platform available to distance learning students is also very well-designed and the support given by the academic tutors was exceptional. I was granted extra time to complete my PGCE due to some unusual circumstances I faced, and I don’t think any other university would have understood as well as Sunderland did. The extraordinary support provided by my tutor and Programme Leader was what made it possible for me to finish my degree.

I would most certainly recommend the University to other students and my advice to anybody thinking of studying here would be to always be kind to yourself. Perfection is overrated – there will be some setbacks, you might make mistakes, but don’t hold onto these and instead, learn from them. Keep your chin up and eyes forward, always!

I’m currently living in South Korea and already have high aspirations for my future. I’m continuing my studies at Sunderland and will be starting the MA Education (DL) course soon, specialising in the Early Years Teaching route. I’d also love to gain a degree in Special Educational Needs – as long as I have the funds and the time, I might never stop learning, so that I can bring the best quality of education to those children who don’t have access to it. Education should be considered a right, not a privilege.

I’d describe my time studying here as a life-changing experience! Not only did I learn how to be a good teacher, but also how to be a balanced and reflective human, and an effective leader. I’m now ready to tackle life head-on.”

Published 4 October 2023

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