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Case Study

Wael Mohassed

Cairo, Egypt

MA International Education (DL)

PGCE Education (DL)

Wael Mohassed had been teaching for a year when he decided to take the next steps to develop his career. After a recommendation to apply for the PGCE Education (DL) at the University of Sunderland, he was accepted onto the course and graduated in June 2021. He then went on to study for the MA International Education, also via distance learning, to enhance his qualifications as an educator even further.

I was already teaching French and Drama when I decided I wanted to take my professional development further to qualify as a teacher. Several of my colleagues had studied at the University of Sunderland and the school has always encouraged its teaching staff to apply for the PGCE Education (DL) course, making my decision to study here very easy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the PGCE, as it gave me the opportunity to work collaboratively with a mentor and learn from their expertise. It also allowed me to put teaching strategies into practice, giving me the skills and knowledge to apply the most suitable within a classroom environment.

After completing my PGCE in 2021, I went on to study for the MA International Education (DL), so that I could better qualify myself as an educator. The best part of the master’s course was learning how to write academically. Not only did I learn how to accurately paraphrase what I read, effortlessly analyse an argument, and comprehensively examine the counterargument, but I also learned how important it was to constantly link my learning with my own practice. I also gained the skills to think critically, and, most importantly, reflect upon my teaching. Only then did I realise that I would be able to professionally progress by inspiring, motivating, and academically supporting my students.

Renowned for being such a well-established academic institution, I would recommend the University of Sunderland to anyone thinking of studying here. The teaching staff are highly qualified, extremely competent and above all, understanding and supportive. I would sincerely advise all prospective students to make sure you put the hard work in. Be diligent with your research, make the most of the fantastic support, take advantage of all the suggested reading, actively participate in discussions, and always reflect upon your learning while linking it with your own practice. Although the work can be challenging, don’t procrastinate, and ultimately, make sure you enjoy every phase of the process as it’s a one-of-a-kind experience. The amount of knowledge you’ll gain will make all your effort worth it in the end.

Once I’ve finished my master’s degree, I’d like to become a learning director and curriculum developer. I look forward to enhancing the teaching practice of my fellow colleagues, as well as taking a more active role in leading the curriculum. I would also love to help develop teaching plans to meet multiple educational standards. I’m even considering studying for another master’s degree in educational leadership!

My degrees have taught me that learning is an ongoing process, and while nothing is impossible, nothing should be taken for granted either. I take so much pride in declaring that studying at the University of Sunderland has undoubtedly been the highlight of my teaching career and one of the most exceptional decisions I’ve ever made in my professional life. It’s been a journey of self-discovery, enlightenment, culture, learning, and academic achievements. In short, it’s a limitless success story for which I’m truly forever grateful.”

Published 29 September 2023

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