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Case Study

Amaan Haq

BSc (Hons) Sociology

After attending one of our Open Days, Amaan decided to continue his studies of Sociology at the University of Sunderland. In the future, Amaan hopes to pursue a masters and then a PhD.

After studying my A-levels, which included Sociology, I decided I wanted to study it further at university. My plan was to always stay local (North East) when it came to studying at university. After attending an open day at the University of Sunderland, meeting the lecturers, programme leaders and wandering through the campuses, I got a really good vibe of the place and decided to study here.

The course has some core modules that you have to take over the two semesters, but you are also allowed to pick some other allocated modules that can range from Criminology, Health and Social Care as well as other Sociological modules which specifically look at race, gender, medicalisation and youth to name a few. So you have some freedom to pick what interests you. I also enjoyed the placement in the second year where I carried out and conducted a mini sociological research project at an Oxfam charity shop. Some of the modules of the sociology course were really fascinating and have made me realise that it is a very broad topic and is concerned with a variety of issues i.e. Homelessness, mental health and racism etc... You can apply Sociology to anything, so I think it helps especially if you are passionate about a particular social issue/ problem.

I get regular study support sessions set up by the Universiy's disability support team which help with various specific learning disabilities. I am assigned a study skills supervisor who helps and advises me in writing up my assignments. They also assisted me with my DSA'S in order to get equipment such as a dictaphone and specialist software to support my studies at university.

The University of Sunderland embodies the phrase 'life-changing' which I think is 100% the experience you will get. There are some very dedicated individuals and services at the university that are there for you, to help you get the maximum experience out of university. There are lots of opportunities and events the University of Sunderland have to offer. They have very good resources and services i.e Sunderland Futures and they are available to use even after you graduate which will help you find a career. There are various facebook pages and twitter accounts run by various University of Sunderland staff and societies which help keep you informed about the new exciting opportunities happening in and around the university.

My future aim is to do a masters and maybe pursue a PhD in the near future.

Published 10 August 2018

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