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Amy Phuong Do

MBA (Professional Practice)

Since being a child Amy dreamed of going to study abroad and after working and saving up for a few years she took to leap from her stable job in Vietnam to study in the UK. After researching a number of universities, she ultimately chose the University of Sunderland based on its affordability and great student feedback.

Since I was a child, I have always dreamed of studying abroad, so after 3 years of working and having a certain amount of savings, I decided to use my savings for my studies in the UK. I believe that it was the right decision as it not only helps me gain more knowledge, improve my skills, and enhance my career prospects but also gives me the opportunity to explore the world outside.

After researching several universities in the UK, I chose the University of Sunderland since the tuition fees for the MBA programme here are quite affordable. In addition, the University also offers attractive scholarships for international students and has good feedback from students who have studied at the university.

My lecturers are very friendly and supportive. They always encourage us to ask questions and develop critical thinking. In my class, there were a lot of group activities, which helped us easily get to know each other and make friends from the very beginning of the course. These activities helped us develop teamwork and leadership skills which are essential to becoming a manager in the future.

My classmates are of all ages and come from different countries. The cultural differences help us have a more multi-dimensional view and feel it is so interesting when working in groups together.

I am very grateful to the Placement Support Team who supported me when finding a placement. With the assistance of the team, I got the opportunity to do my placement at the University’s International Office. The team provided me with recruitment information, guided me in creating a professional CV, prepared me for interviews, and supported me throughout my placement.

The work placement gave me a chance to put the theory I have learned into practice and improve necessary skills such as time management, teamwork, and customer service skills. It was not my first job, but it is completely different to my previous work because the work cultures in the UK and Vietnam are different.

Now, I have completed my course, achieved my goals and got a new job. It is more than I expected. My course at Sunderland not only has armed me with the necessary knowledge and skills but has also given me interesting experiences. Thanks to the University of Sunderland for making me a better version of myself.

Published 28 June 2022

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