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Mohammad Adwan

Amman, Jordan

MBA (Professional Practice)

After working in the entertainment and air hospitality fields for almost 11 years, Mohammad Adwan chose to come to the University of Sunderland because of the scholarships offered and the affordability of the city.

I chose to study at the University of Sunderland because in addition to the affordable course fee and living expenses in the city, the University offered a fair amount of scholarships to support students across all levels.

I decided to come to university as I have been working in the entertainment and air hospitality fields for almost 11 years. Through these roles I have learned quite few things about business-related subjects such as management and leadership, so I thought it would be a good idea to know what scholars say about it and reflect practice on theories.

The variety of the modules and topics provided during the course from strategic management to leadership, finance, innovation and entrepreneurship, value creation in organizations marketing and operations is the best part of the course. This diversity will definitely match most students’ interests. The academic and admin staff are approachable and friendly.

I have learned to believe more in myself to achieve my dreams. The University of Sunderland has provided me with brand new skills and a critical way of thinking which I believe I will benefit from for the rest of my life.”

Published 17 March 2020

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