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Sean Young

BA Business and Marketing Management

MA Marketing

Sean Young chose the University of Sunderland after attending a different university and deciding it wasn’t the right fit for him. The close-knit, practical and supportive environment at the University encouraged Sean to thrive and launch his career after graduation as a Marketing Professional.

I chose to study at the University of Sunderland as I wanted more practical and hands-on teaching. I had previously attended a Russell Group university but did not enjoy the learning environment. The classes were extremely large, lecturers did not know who you were, the learning was heavily theoretical, and research based.

I left this university shortly before finishing my first year as I knew it was not for me. This was not an easy decision to make and one that I pondered over whilst I bounced from job to job. I got an apprenticeship and lasted just 3 months before deciding I needed to come back to university. The University of Sunderland was a great fit for me, it has the close-knit, practical learning environment that I thrive in.

My favourite part of the course was the modules that have a strong emphasis on making you as employable as possible within the course topic area. I knew that when I graduated, I would be fully equipped with all the knowledge, skills and tools needed to hit the ground running in the job I secure – which is exactly what has happened now.

To students considering the University if you prefer learning in smaller class sizes, where you can freely express yourself surrounded by a wide range of diverse backgrounds, where the lecturers take an interest in you as a person, rather than just a student, then University of Sunderland is definitely for you.

I am now employed full-time as a Digital Marketing Assistant for a global healthcare business. I am thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to seeing how I can progress and develop in my career. Within my role, I undertake a variety of different marketing activities and I feel the University of Sunderland helped prepare me for these. 

One thing that I feel I developed at the University – and is not necessarily a specific learning topic – was a mindset change to thinking as a Marketing expert, which was instilled by my lecturers. I feel that this was continuously developed throughout my time at the university, and one which has benefited me massively in embarking upon my career.

To sum up my experience, I’d say it was exceptional yet challenging. I loved every minute of it, but I was definitely pushed to my best and to develop throughout."

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