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Case Study

Maria Benovia



Maria Benovia came to the UK from Greece to study for the MA TESOL course, as she believes that it is part of her job to not only teach her students the English language, but the culture, customs, habits, and way of living and thinking. Since graduating, Maria is working as an English teacher in a private language centre, but she hopes that her interest in the Marine Engineering Field will lead to a PhD.

The variety of courses that the University of Sunderland has to offer meant that there were a lot of students on campus, which makes Sunderland a truly student-friendly city. City Campus is only five minutes’ walk from the city centre, which is another advantage for an MA student, who doesn’t want to spend time getting on and off buses to go to lectures. Moreover, the fact that Sunderland is a cost-effective city added to my decision to go and study at the University.

What I liked most about the course is the availability and the real interest we, as students, received from the academic staff. They were always there for us, ready to offer their professional support and advice at any time, and at the same time, we were being encouraged to take initiative, be creative and authentic, as well as do so with academic precision.

With the facilitation of my professors, I have developed my ability to confidently design and choose my own teaching materials and teaching methods, and my ability to justify the reasons for my choices. Studying at the University of Sunderland was a unique experience for me and I would definitely advise other students to come here to study.

Prospective students need to remember that the journey towards an MA is a long one, so don’t get stressed and enjoy the journey! One of my favourite quotes that I’m always trying to keep in mind, written by C.P. Cavafy is “Life is not about the destination, it’s about the journey." So, you should try to stay relaxed and open, talk to new people and make new friends, and share your thoughts and your worries with others. And whenever you're feeling fed up, a walk by the river is always a good idea!

Now, I am really enjoying teaching English to children. However, I have in mind that I want to take my career a step forward and continue with a PhD. Thanks to my professors, to whom I owe my sincerest thanks and who inspired me to choose my dissertation topic, I’ve been extremely interested in the Marine Engineering English field.

Studying in Sunderland was a really enjoyable experience. I made new friends and we shared moments I will never forget. It was a really creative year for me and it sparked my interest in continuing my studies towards a specific area of research, making my time at the University of Sunderland really life-changing.”

Published 1 February 2019

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