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Case Study

Nathan Todd

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance (with Professional Exemptions)

Having always been interested in business studies and wanted to push himself to the next level, Nathan Todd knew that the University would allow him to make best possible connections, give the best opportunities and would also give the confidence to go far. Over four years at the University, Nathan has taken part in five internships and one placement and he would like to be a well-known name in the financial industry in the future.

After attending open days and Summer School I knew that this was the university for me. I was studying A-levels, intended on becoming a pilot but due to high training costs could not afford to do so. I have always been interested in business studies and wanted to push myself to the next level and I knew that this University would allow me to make the best possible connection, give me the best opportunities, and the confidence to go far.

Best aspects of the course include having such a wide range of subject areas. Accountancy is an interest of mine, however financial markets and how they work really excite me. I have enjoyed researching and analysing the London stock exchange, and occasionally taking part in day-trading of commodities and forex in my spare time.

I would definitely recommend the University to anyone that wants an all-round experience. The University offers services like no other and would be happy to discuss it with any prospective student. My advice is to do your research, be open-minded, stay focussed and interested, and be prepared to do external activities independently.

Over my four years at the University I have taken part in five internships (industry and practice-based), a year placement (practice-based) and have been working as a junior accountant (practice-based) across my final year at the University with a training contract offer already on the table. My future career aims include: I would like to be a well-known name in the financial industry, progress with my personal business venture ideas, and would one day like to run a financial house or practice.

My experience of studying at the University of Sunderland was: eye-opening, laid back and comfortable and fun environment to learn in, confidence-boosting and it opened doors to a range of different job opportunities and contacts."

Published 25 July 2019

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