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Business and Management Staff Profiles

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  1. Julia Janfeshar Nobari

    Julia Janfeshar Nobari

    Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
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  2. Seema Bhate

    Seema Bhate

    Senior Lecturer
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  3. John Dixon-Dawson

    John Dixon-Dawson

    Principal Lecturer and Head of Corporate Programme and Work Based Learning
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  4. Linda Anne Barkas

    Linda Anne Barkas

    Senior Lecturer in Business Management
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  5. Sharp Cooper

    Sharp Cooper

    Senior Lecturer
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  6. John Davison

    John Davison

    Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
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  7. Leaza McSorley

    Leaza McSorley

    Professor of Enterprise
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  8. Derek Watson

    Derek Watson

    Associate Professor in Cultural Management
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  9. Stella Sofianopoulou

    Stella Sofianopoulou

    Reader in Operations Management
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  10. Monika Foster, CMBE PhD PFHEA

    Monika Foster, CMBE PhD PFHEA

    Head of School, Business and Management
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  11. William Ang'awa

    William Ang'awa

    Senior Lecturer
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  12. Lawrence Bellamy

    Lawrence Bellamy

    Academic Dean, Faculty of Business, Law and Tourism
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  13. Peter Coleman

    Peter Coleman

    Senior Lecturer in Operations Management
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  14. Joel Arnott

    Joel Arnott

    Senior Lecturer
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  15. Janet Ward

    Janet Ward

    Reader in Marketing, Strategy and Innovation
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  16. Tony Blackwood

    Tony Blackwood

    Academic Tutor
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  17. Kym Maria Drady

    Kym Maria Drady

    Senior Lecturer in Human Resource Management
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  18. Gavin Mason

    Gavin Mason

    Senior Lecturer in Management
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  19. Claire Hoy

    Claire Hoy

    Principal Lecturer Teaching and Learning
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  20. Ian Slaughter

    Ian Slaughter

    Academic Tutor
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  21. Kudzanai Munongi

    Kudzanai Munongi

    Lecturer in Finance and Enterprise
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  22. Karen Wharton

    Karen Wharton

    Senior Lecturer in Marketing Strategy and Innovation
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  23. Alan Charlesworth

    Alan Charlesworth

    Senior Lecturer
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  24. Derek Harwood

    Derek Harwood

    Senior Lecturer
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  25. Ian Carr

    Ian Carr

    Principal Lecturer in Employability
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  26. Allison Abbott

    Allison Abbott

    Lecturer in Human Resource Management
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  27. Hamid Seddighi

    Hamid Seddighi

    Senior Lecturer in Business Management
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  28. Anne Edwards

    Anne Edwards

    Senior Lecturer in Marketing
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  29. Paul-Alan Armstrong VCTF SFHEA

    Paul-Alan Armstrong VCTF SFHEA

    Senior Lecturer in HRM and Leadership
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  30. Tatah Amenonyoh

    Tatah Amenonyoh

    Senior Lecturer/Programme Manager (Top Up)
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  31. Helen Fraser

    Helen Fraser

    Senior Lecturer in Human Resources Management and Leadership
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  32. Philip Dodds FCCA

    Philip Dodds FCCA

    Senior Lecturer
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  33. Andy Turton FHEA

    Andy Turton FHEA

    Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance
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  34. Augustus E. Osseo-Asare

    Augustus E. Osseo-Asare

    Senior Lecturer in Strategy and International Management
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  35. Graeme Price

    Graeme Price

    Senior Lecturer in Marketing and Strategy
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  36. Robert Hall BA MA ACA

    Robert Hall BA MA ACA

    Team Leader HRM, Leadership and Finance
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  37. Neal Lennox

    Neal Lennox

    Programme Leader for Banking and Finance Top-Up
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  38. Sarah Ford

    Sarah Ford

    Senior Lecturer in HRM and Leadership
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  39. Yvonne Dixon-Todd

    Yvonne Dixon-Todd

    Team Leader for Marketing, Management and Strategy and Chair of PG Business programmes
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  40. Mohan Namasivayam

    Mohan Namasivayam

    Senior Lecturer in Strategy
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